2016 Village Challenge

Once again our intrepid 85 Group Agents are being given a new set of assignments. Our chosen challenge for you this year will be a trip to Prestbury.

The four required elements will be:­

1] A person at work or thinking about it!

2] A hat.

3] A badge.

4] An insect or arachnid of some sort. [A creepy crawly]

Then of course the memory you carried away from your visit or visits to Prestbury.
The same rules apply as previously, DPIs must be shown in the above order and sized at 1024px x 768px or 1400px x 1050px.

Prints panels [may include any number of images but you must show all the elements] to be mounted on a board no more than 20” by 16” / 50cm by 40cm. Type can be used if not detrimental to the images.

This challenge was originally thought up to be a summer project but we think it can be an ongoing project as it will probably be judged hopefully just before Christmas, so bear this in mind. We will remind you about it from time to time. We have been most heartened by the enthusiasm and the hard work put in by so many of our Special Agents on their past assignments and encourageyou all to go out and give it your best ‘shot’, excuse the pun!