Competition – “My Other Hobby Is…”

Calling all our Special Agents

This year we are giving you a completely different challenge. As we don’t know a great deal about many of you personally, we are going to try and find out a bit more!

The challenge is to be ‘My Other Hobby Is

We want you to let us know about your other hobby apart from photography. The format will be basically the same as our other challenges, that is, dpi sequence entries up to ten images which illustrate a hobby which you have and perhaps none of us even know about. You may have more than one hobby to tell us about and if you want, you can make mutiple entries. But let us know which one you want to be shown first in case there is a very large entry!

DPIs can be 1400 x 1050 or 1024 x768 and shown as a sequence.

Print panel can be on a board of any size and you can put more than 5 or 6 but remember less is sometimes more. We suggest the print size should be 6 x 4 or 7 x 5 but again that is up to you. We will make frequent reminders about this challenge but we are letting you know now so that it can be an on going project. Your holidays may be your hobby, so you need to know well in advance for that. If you want you can expand upon the images you show us – it is interesting for the rest of us to hear about your other hobbies.

Judging will be a home grown club affair as we did in the ‘Five of a Kind’ competition at a recent Go Active evening. We found it quite successful judged that way.

We hope you will all make an effort to take part – it should be fun!

Best of luck from The Challenge Meisters (Pam and Dave G)