Club Competition Rules

Images for club competitions should be emailed to

  1. Four Qualifying Competitions are held each Club year, with 2 Sections: Prints and Projected Digital Images (PDI’s).
  2. The final (4th) competition will be for a Set Subject.
  3. Each member may enter up to 3 prints and / or 3 PDI’s in each competition. If too many images are received for assessment during the evening, then the Competition secretary may remove a nominated image from each entrant
  4. An outside judge will be invited to mark each image out of 20 points.
  5. At the end of the season, a Winner for each section will be calculated by adding the 9 highest marks for each entrant, and an Award presented. At least 1 picture from the Set Subject must be included.
  6. Prints may be any size and mounted on a board of maximum size 50cm x 40cm. (The mount must be precisely that size if the prints are to be used in L&CPU or inter-club competitions).
  7. PDI’s must be 1400px wide by 1050px high. Any “unused canvas” must be black. They must be in JPEG format, and sRGB colour space
  8. Each Digital file must only have the Image Title included, with no names or numbers.
  9. Print titles and (if possible) a Digital file of each print (with the same properties as those of PDIs), and the PDI entries , must be delivered by email or CD/DVD or memory stick to the Competition Secretary 1 week before the Competition Date. An order of preference should be included
  10. Picture must be substantially different from previous entries, and the same picture should not used again in a different medium.

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