2015 Village Challenge

Calling all our Intrepid Village Agents…

Once again our Agents are to be called into action and it will be not too far from home. This year our village assignment is to be in Hayfield. You are being sent to photograph several strategic installations in this picturesque village in the High Peak.

The four elements which must be submitted are :-

  • Something Blue
  • A Four-legged Animal which must be Black, White or Black and White. [Dirty white is OK, sheep can be a bit mucky up Hayfield way!!]
  • Something Liquid
  • A Mechanical Object
  • As well as these four you are required to include something which, for you, encapsulates your lasting memory or the essence of the Village of Hayfield

The rules are to be similar to what they have been in the previous years. For the PDI sequences the images must be shown in the order above to help the judge to understand what the images represent [NO, IT IS NOT ALWAYS OBVIOUS!] The images can be sized at 1400 px by 1050 px [good if you want to use them again in comps] or 1024 px by 768 px [possibly easier to send via email.] Resolution 72ppi but ideally no more than 100ppi

There will be a print panel section, with prints to be no more than 6in x 4in and to be mounted on a board no more than 20in x 16in. You may put as many prints as you want on the mount as long as you include the required elements, but please stick to the rules!! You will not be penalised for putting unobtrusive text on the prints as long as it does not detract from the image.

Once again we wish you all the very best of luck on this our most recent assignment. Try to think outside the box and most importantly of all:-